Earlier this week, I reported that I might sell my brand spankin’ new Galaxy S7 if the new Google Pixel phone was awesome enough to captivate my heart.......

...And well, while I like the new Pixel phones, I’m going to keep the S7. I’ve finally gotten used to TouchWiz and dare I say, it’s not nearly as annoying as it used to be. TouchWiz today seems to have an air of Cyanogenmod about it, and I’m okay with that.

Part of this is that I just don’t like the Pixel’s design:

There’s a space at the bottom of the front bezel for something...anything...yet there’s nothing there. My S7 has two LED touch sensor buttons (that disappear when you aren’t using it) and a fingerprint sensor. It’s actually a feature I did not know I’d enjoy much more than having the buttons on the screen itself, but I do.

The other thing that makes the Pixel hard for me to swallow is the half glass/half metal of the frame’s back. I’m a big fan of glass phones and glossy metal phones, which is why I still have an old arse iPhone 4 I use for projects and now the S7 with its weird-cool glass-metal infused back. The Pixel’s housing is definitely very classy looking, but I was hoping for Google to kinda take the Honor 8 route and go full glass. Snazzy.


The last thing that makes it a hard buy for me is that price. I loved the Nexus program because it offered high performance at a price that was almost highway robbery. Instead, the Pixel has its sights on becoming a full-on competitor to Samsung and Apple. I’m okay with that, in fact it’s something I can get on board with. But, I think I’m going to wait for whatever they have next year. Or, maybe I’ll stick with Samsung. Who knows! :D

What do all of you think of the new Pixel?

Have a Mustang Meme for the road. :P