Went with my brother and my 2 nephews. As CBELL04 said, the cars mainly consisted of cheapo FWD American sedans (1992-2006) Tauruseseses, Cadillac, Pontiac, Lincoln, Buick, 99-2002 Impalas

LOL they didn't bother cleaning the debris out, just paint that floor mat purple! :]


I mean, those Cadillac and Buicks were new cars at one point, purchased from a dealer for $30k+. Then they just ended up here, purple and sentenced to death :'(


Didn't record the racing but it was very good. Lots of monster truck OPPO and some came down to the thousandths or hundredths of a seconds. Good stuff though. Now let's see freestyle recorded on my Galaxy Note Potato 2 whoooo! :]

PS: They should add seat belt to stadiums seats so all these kids could stay still for a while lol