I like engines on the fringe of normal, Tiny v12's and huge 4 cylinders particularly. This is the Vortec 2900 and its a 2.9 liter I4, which is basically a 3.5 I5 with one less cylinder, which was basically a 4.2 I6 with more bore (and one less cylinder). 185hp and 190 lbs-ft (at a nice low 2800 rpm). Not s particularly smooth engine, but pretty stout.

This is the Toyota 2TR-FE which is still in use in the Tacoma, Land Cruiser Prado (Lexus GX here) and even the 4runner for one model year. 2.7 liters. 164 hp and 181 lbs-ft at a higher 3800 rpm. Toyota also has the 1AR-fe which is only slightly smaller but also 2.7 liters used in the highlander, sienna and RX ~187hp and 186 lbs-ft.

its not just for trucks though, Porsche got in on the action with the 3.0 I4 in the 944 s2. it had 208 hp and 206 lbs-ft.


I know diesel engines go big with their I4', like well over a liter per bucket big, and those are cool too, but this is about big gassers.