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Big boi is big - Defender

One of the things that’s great about the new defender is it’s towing and payload. Its a heavy thing but its got a strong engine, and lots of payload. it can also tow 8201 lbs which I feel like is a lot for something its size. Thanks to adjustable air suspension and 400 hp and 400+ lbs-ft it seems to do really well with the weight. Great news for members of the yacht club!


Speaking of big, we were speaking of big right? I didn’t realize how big it is.

Which is the larger vehicle?

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Photo: Defender of the universe
Illustration for article titled Big boi is big - Defender
Photo: Land Crushin’ it

The Defender is longer (3 inches), wider (1 inch), and taller (2-3 inches). 7 inch longer wheelbase as well. I know the Land Cruiser is seen as a goliath in the off-road world, but it’s hardly the biggest kid on the block anymore. A bronco 4 door is almost the exact same size. Bigger with the samsquantch package.

Similar power, torque, and towing. Still 500 lbs heavier than the Defender though. Interestingly, the defender has substantially LESS interior volume compared to the smaller Land Cruiser. (78.8 cubic feet behind the first row without the 3rd row option. 69 with the 3rd row option) vs 82.8 cubic feet with a 3rd row. I would guess the BoF construction leaves more body volume as the body isn’t carrying the structural load and doesn’t need to be as thick.

This is really neither here nor there, but I did find it interesting.

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