So I have decided to take the plunge oppo. About 5 yrs ago I started going to college for computer tech support. Started off well enough but after two semesters my grades began to drop, as I began to become to wrapped up in hanging out with friends , playing video games, not studying, and just winging classes. Worked for a while but it inevitably caught up with me, really I just wasn’t enough of an adult to be responsible. Anyways grades dropped, and with it my grant money ( I know I’m dumb, still kicking myself over that one). I dropped out of college and joined the work force. Now, years later, I work a decent paying sales job in retail, here’s he problem. It’s sales........ I have to work with crazy customers and greedy management all day long and me and the other salescrew are expected to fix everyone’s problems, but without the power to do it.

I decided I have had enough, I’m turning my life around. I’m going back to college, I have enough savings I can pay out of pocket for the whole thing if I have to (hopefully I can rescue my dismal GPA and then get a grant, but it will be out of pocket at first). I’m nervous, but excited. Do any of you oppos have suggestions for doing it right this time around? I’m going to be a lot more organized for sure. Scheduled study times, lots of notes, studying every week day, essentially it will be my new job. I will also be working a part time weekend only job to pay expenses and bills.

Rally Porsche for your time.