If you’ve been following my adventures over the past months, you got to read about some struggles, some bests, and a whole lot of motorcycles. However, for once I have something else to say!

For starters, my home.

I’ve never really had a place to call home for much of my life. My family moved at least 12 times between 2004 and 2013, so I’ve never really felt secure. The few times I did were when I lived with Cajun Ginger’s lovely family, some of the time I lived in my first apartment, and fully so at my current condo. I’m ready to open the next chapter of where I’m setting my stakes.


I’ve long loved big cities and have always wanted to live in one. Even when I first moved out I kept trying to move to Chicago or even Los Angeles. And thanks to the love of my life, it’s finally happening. I’m setting up plans to leave these small towns and go to the city of Chicago with my partner in crime until the end of time. My only real obstacle is just talking it over with my landlord. One big problem is that this will likely happen after my lease renewal, so I’m not sure how willing they would be to work with me.

A second potential big problem was where I’m going to store my vehicles. This really isn’t much of an issue anymore. I’ll get a storage unit outside of city limits and I’ll be able to store a few of my toys at the new apartment.

Will I like Chicago city living? No idea, but I’m excited to find out!


Next up, career!

Oppo knows I’ve been mulling over changing my career for about a year now and I’ve finally decided what I’m going to do. As much as I like the cushy job security of my current workplace, the pay isn’t that good (and there’s an indefinite pay increase freeze that’s now into its fourth or fifth year), the guy who sexually harassed me is still technically a coworker, many of my colleagues seem to despise my existence, and the work commute will be awful from Chicago. I could go and do a complete career overhaul and do something completely new, but ultimately I think sticking with IT but finding something I like is the most logical route to take.


I did learn some things from this company, and it’s that I do really enjoy the customer-facing side of IT (especially when working with educators), but not so much in a call centre type of environment. Through research, I’ve learned that K12 IT is more right up that alley than I thought. It seems some school IT admins not only manage the school’s computer infrastructure/student information systems, but they also work with teachers and students. And depending on the school, they have different people to handle networking and programming. I’ve already found some listings at schools (one at CPS) that actually sound like a lot of fun. IT with charisma!

So for now, that’s the kind of work I’m looking for. My experience with my current company is a big help here since I have advanced knowledge of two incredibly common school management systems deployed in schools across the US and Canada.


My backup plan is finding IT in different environments, but with a similar interaction potential and gratifying work experience.

That said, I still am interested in exploring other interests as well, like seeing where my passions for vehicles and media could get me. Likewise, I also have an eye peeled for any aviation opportunities that may arise.


Side note: My idea to have a motorcycle-themed social media presence and a museum and/or dealer is still a side project, unrelated to career unless it actually goes somewhere.

And finally, transition!

With me living in Chicago I’ll have a significantly easier time legally becoming me. Groups in Chicago have the resources to help me get through the labyrinth, but most of the time the services are only available to residents of the city and county. And with a new job that hopefully pays more, perhaps surgery can one day actually be a realistic goal.


So that’s about it. Between my obsession for two wheels completely taking over much of my life, I’m finally making some movement.

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