Grandma’s Mini went gimpy last week....turns out it’s the CVT, which was the subject of a class action lawsuit a few years ago in 2014. It’s a 2006, but only has 65,000 miles on it. Not shockingly, most Mini transmissions from that era self destruct right around 60k. Dealer wants $7500 for a rebuilt trans, in addition to another $3000 for other work they said it needs. In the same breath, they pointed to the showroom and an eagerly awaiting salesperson. Grandma did not take kindly to either the repair estimate, or ever buying another Mini again. But, she LOVES the car, it’s her second Mini (Grandma, by the way, is like 85 years old. She drove a 5-speed mini up until 2006, and only got the auto because her husband’s knee could no longer handle the third pedal. Yes, Grandma rocks.)

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From what I’ve read, when they realized they had a shitty trans, BMW/MINI issued a TSD and requirement to change the trans fluid every 25k miles or sooner. None of this appears to have been done by the dealer (despite 12+ trips there) over the years. Nor did BMW/Mini reach out to any owners that may have been affected when the lawsuit was pending. They did extend warranties for some, and even paid out to people who had third-party repairs, as well as those who sold/traded the cars at a loss. After three days and many calls to BMW/Mini, they got back to her today and said they will give her a credit of ZERO dollars if she gets the repair done at a dealer, and ZERO dollars for anything because clearly she didn’t drive the car enough for it to break in a timely manner.

As you can imagine, this means I shall begin my war games against BMW and the dealer. Unfortunately, a rebuilt CVT is like $4000, so even independent replacement will be pricey. I am dropping it off at a local indy tomorrow for another estimate.


Any Mini owners out there have any luck with legal prodding against BMW/Mini in the past?

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