I cannot divulge at this point but is fantastic news of being a grown up. Also, yesterday after church driving home from Brentwood, TN I spotted a bright orange 911 GT3RS. 'Twas, amazeballs. No sr20 because driving with M-I-L and wife and safety. Also later in the afternoon, I spotted a no-shit Nissan Patrol that was properly fitted with overlanding kit and TN tags!!! I know that middle Tennessee is Nissan country but it was awesome to see a vehicle that I believe to be better at being a Land Cruiser than a Land Cruiser is. Again, no SR20 because driving with the wife and safety. But I totally freaked out about it and she thought it was cool, because overlanding is our thing. The patrol was kitted out like the below one and I believe I found the GT3RS I saw on a 911GT3RS registry sight.