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Big News Fo SHO!

Lot’s of stuff to update you guys on. The SHO, Crapri, JPS, Bruiser and the Ranchero. Not much going on with the Olds, but that’s fine, since its my daily.

So, the SHO. Finally, i have hunted down all the parts to fix last falls fuck up, now I just need to make my way down to Pennsylvania to get the stuff. Mr. Regular lives down there, maybe I’ll send him an email and see if he wants to take a look at the Olds or whatever I take down there. Might drive the Bruiser. I’ll be meeting my parts guy in Fall Creek by the way. And I now have a deadline to get the car running and driveable, if not road legal. September 25th is the last arm drop drag race at the old Picton Airport, and I’ll need to make it there because Cletus44 and his new-to-him Corvette want a shot at the SHO, as well as some local D-bag in a Honda civic.


Speaking of the Bruiser, (thats the ‘89 4x4 Econoline for those who don’t remember), it is still parked up, but a few parts for it have shown up, but the part I’m most excited about are the side pipes. Oh yes. 4" side pipes. Eat your heart out Cletus44. The new pipes will be going on with a new Y pipe and cats, because stupid Ontario emissions laws, and a new distributor and intake manifold from a Cobra Mustang. Gotta love Windsor small blocks. As much as it pains me, I’ve been thinking about painting the van too, and it likely wouldn’t get the sweet Hotwheels motif again, but the darker grey on the van might look good all over, with some silver details. Or I’ll just learn to live with the peeling clear coat. Still not sure.

Now, not much has changed in regards to the Ranchero, a 1970 GT model with a 351 Cleveland and 4-speed, but it is the closest to being done and on the road among the less sketchy project cars. It’s wearing a fresh, and amazingly straight, coat of the factory colour, Calypso Coral. The engine still doesn’t run quite right, the timing will not stay steady, and its possible that the machine shop may have done something wrong with the timing chain or cam. Maybe you folks might know why, so I’ll lay it out for you. It has a vacuum advance distributor, a Mallory I believe, and the engine idles and runs fine with the vacuum advance disconnected, but hook it up and idle quality and throttle response both go to shit. Just running it with the advance disabled is kind of hokey, and since its painted, there is an expectation that the thing will be good. Especially since its been in the works for the better part of a decade.


And then there’s the Crapri, my ‘77 Mercury Capri that you’ve all heard so much about. I haven’t made as much progress with it as I would have liked, but it now has a rust free frame joined by two beefy subframe connectors, so there’s that. How ever, i have now lost the space where i was working on the chassis, so it’s been pushed back outside, so there won’t be much done with it in the near future, however, it does give me an opportunity to get to work on the engine and drive line. When i tore the engine down to a short block in the spring i found out why it had been burning antifreeze last time it ran, and thankfully it was just a pair of blown head gaskets and not a torched head or block. Easy enough fix, get the block and heads machined, throw in some new gaskets, and i have a running engine again. Even better, my father’s garage is full of old Cologne V6 speed parts that he has no use for on his JPS. and the cherry on top is that a co worker of mine turns out to have a small stock pile of Eaton V5 superchargers, so I may get one for the 2 liter. That’ll be fun.


And then theres, the JPS, the car my father has been swearing up and down that he’ll get back on the road for the last 12 years. Well, the old codger finally got a fire lit under his ass, and has taken a week off work for the sole purpose of finishing it, and driving it before the end of summer. The list isn’t terribly long, the Roadkill guys could knock it out in a weekend, so there’s hope the old man will get it done, with my help and moral support of course. The list follows;

Check and service brakes,

Install new boost referenced fuel system, New regulator, electric pump, braided stainless lines, and new fuel tank.


Reinstall turbo, intercooler and intercooler pipes.

Finish plumbing oil system and cooling system

Find new tires for the 15" wheels.

Install 3.73 rear gears

That’s easily doable in a week, as long as it stops being a million fucking degrees outside. And once all that’s done, he might even get a present in the form of a few hours of dyno tuning in Toronto.


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