“I want to start by saying that this is not a story. It’s a road trip. Which…same difference. In a good one the start is exciting, and the finish is satisfying, and we end up somewhere else…somewhere a long way away from where we started.”

Alice Isn’t Dead is a ten part miniseries podcast centered around a truck driver narrating through their CB as they roam coast to coast looking for someone who has been missing for months, and answers as to why they disappeared. I first listened to Alice Isn’t Dead a few months back and it blew my mind, immediately becoming my all-time favorite podcast. The narrator describes everything with so much vivid detail, and the pacing is so perfectly masterful, that the program is more engaging and captivating than most modern TV dramas despite being audio-only. Along with the incredible details, the pacing and use of cliffhangers (some lasting until the next episode, some only a few seconds) is magnificent and maddening. The only problem I’ve had with the show is that no one else I know has listened to it, so I’ve had no one to discuss it with (so someone listen to it, dammit).


Also, the opener to episode five is the truest thing ever said:

“You know what I love more than anything else? Cruise control. I love cruise control more than I love most of my family members. And sorry to all aunts and uncles and cousins, you are great people, but that cramp in your ankle from holding the gas pedal at the angle just so is the devil. And cruise control is the host of Heaven banishing it away. It is the kind word in a strange country, the rain after a drought.”

Also also, the podcast started up a Twitter account in November (hopefully meaning there’s a second season around the corner) and, since the show is about driving around the country, they’ve been tweeting various roadside attractions.


Also also also, take another look at the show logo. A good one. When you see it...

That’s good graphic design right there.

Here’s the first episode:

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