Big thanks to Oppo

Got the bolt out. Made a quick stop by HF and bought more tools than I needed.

Wound up using: 19 mm bolt extractor, 3/8-1/2 impact adapter (broke my non impact one yesterday), short 6 spline 19mm impact on an extender to the impact gun.

Put the extractor on the adaptor and then on the breaker bar on the stripped head bolt and then the impact gun on the nut. Came right off. Would’ve done it that way yesterday but I didn’t have a short (only deep impact socket in 19mm). It soaked in PB blaster all night and I gave it another spray before work this morning. Had to order a new bolt from Toyota ($7) and it’ll be here tomorrow morning which is when amazon says the new quick strut will arrive.


Something I left out yesterday: installing one of the front strut and torquing the nut on the top post and the post sheared off. Another post felt like it was about to and the third post just spun. So I got a defective unit. Overall, the installation of them are so easy I’ll never use non quick struts again if I’m doing the work.


Ps: this torque gun is the jam

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