Big Upgrade Time

Right now I run an EVO3 exhaust manifold, and it’s time to upgrade. I’m not wanting a tubular due to cracking issues and interference with the J pipe. So I’ve decided on the Forced Performance Race manifold with options. I’m electing to do the Tirado ceramic coating, new gaskets and all new hardware.

This manifold is insanely proven

Appearance is very important and my EVO3 manifold is very functional, but has the rusty cast appearance going on. The FP manifold is super proven and has a nasty cool appearance. The runners are very large and mid range is a huge improvement. The ceramic coating reduces underhood temperatures a whole lot, and keeping the heat in helps with spool up a lot as well.


Hopefully it shows up in a few weeks and I can get it installed and show off a little bit. Stay tuned.

That has to go.

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