Interviewed the CEO for the company I work for today. Pretty important dude, its a 34,000 person organization and generally considered a top health system in the nation. Pay is probably in the 3-5 mil. a year range. So whats a guy like that do with his precious time off?

He loads his family into his Xterra, hitches up the off road trailer (like pictured) that his wife had built and heads off into the Utah backcountry with his mountain bike. He brought his roof top tent with him from Dubai where he would do the same thing there.

Mad props.

SIDE NOTE: I’ve been listening in on my new HAM radio for a little while and I’ve come to the following conclusion about conversations on the network:

Do you have a HAM? I also have a HAM...lets talk HAM things. Did you know you can HAM this way?


That being said, I was listening in on conversations 250 miles away on a $50 handheld receiver that looks like a cheapie FRS radio so thats pretty cool.