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Big wheels, bigger fun?

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So, um, I got an e-bike (a Gazelle Arroyo C8 HMB) last week. AMA.

Some specs:

  • Previous-gen Bosch Performance Line Cruise hub gear model (reduced max torque), “250 W” (it’s really more like 500, but European laws on electric power ratings are screwy like that), 50 Nm max torque, 120 RPM max assistance
  • 500 Wh battery
  • Shimano Nexus 8-speed hub
  • Magura HS22 hydraulic rim brakes
  • Does it count as full suspension if it has a little internal front suspension in the steerer, and a seatpost suspension? Not much travel, but enough to absorb the bumps on the road and the bike trail. Especially when compared to the suspension-less tiny-wheeled Xiaomi scooter in my last post...
  • Heavy AF - I think it’s something like 58 lbs with the battery? And that’s with an aluminum frame. Of course, it’s step-through, which doesn’t help, but hey, heavy is what you get with a Dutch bike.

Gotta say, though, when you’ve got like 500 watts helping you out, the 58 lbs disappears pretty quickly. And the Bosch software is excellent at feeling really natural, like it’s you just with super strength (until you hit about 19 MPH, and it starts cutting power as you approach the 20 MPH speed limiter...), with one exception - if you’re maneuvering at low speed in Turbo mode, it sometimes thinks you’re about to go, when you just wanted a little.

And yes, that rear fender clearance is wrong (I realized it was actually rubbing). I’ve fixed that just now.

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