4 pot aluminium 96 ls400 calipers and rotors, an upgrade considered to be on par or better than, Supra TT brakes.

Ebay all the way and it weighs in at a wopping $220, the breakdown; Calipers w/ hardware,$140 including shipping.

Blank Rotors and semi-metallic pads, $75.


Spent waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too many hours sanding off imperfections to get that mostly smooth shiny surface, worth it in my mind.

The sad old brakes


The brakes feel like they can be trusted now, with a firm initial bite. Ive yet to experience any notable fade and more importantly, my heart melts a little more everytime I see them.

Value: 10/10

Ease of install: 7/10 (requires filing to fit)

Performance: 8/10

Aesthetics: 9.2/10