In a feat of amazing coincidence, just after talking about the renegade this morning I went down to get my camera gear of out my car and discovered this happy pair. The renegade is larger than I though; Its not that the Juke is a big car, but I just assumed the Renegade was much smaller than this. UPDATE: So I wanted to know how big the renegade was compared to an XJ Cherokee and here is what I found.

XJ Upcountry Renegade Trailhawk
Height 64 66.5
Length 167.5 166.6
Width 69.4 71
Track Width 58 60.6
Wheelbase 101.4 101.2
Curb Weight 3386 3490
HP 190 184
Torque 225 177
Approach 38 30.5
Departure 31 34.3
Breakover 21.7 25.7
Clearance 8.3 8.7
Max cargo 71 50.8

Wow, that’s pretty incredible. A couple of notes:

1. the XJ is much more powerful for its weight

2. the XJ ground clearance is measured at the diffs, the renegade is smooth on the bottom so its measurements are basically uniform


3. The XJ would probably kill you in a crash

4. the XJ engine was up 2 cylinders and 1.6 liters up and WAY heavier. It was also much thirstier.


5. The XJ featured a dual range transfer case with true low range, the renegade does not.