Biggest Automotive Pain in the Ass Ever. Ever.


I moved Rusty across the street so I could have the entire driveway for the Safari. When I slammed the driver door, the glass popped off the regulator and dropped down into the door. And GM only gave small access holes. And it’s a big door. So I had to make a sort of Slim Jim tool to hold up the glass, but there’s a rubber strip in the regulator tray to cause friction and hold onto the glass, but it was kinked and the glass wouldn’t seat and it kept popping off.

+1 because the openings were sharp and cut my wrists and forearms.

+1 because the sun was in my eyes the entire time; that low, winter sun.

Whatta pain in the ass. I’m thinking of cleaning the bottom of the window and just anchoring it with a few blobs of silicone. We’ll see.


The regulator is in good shape and holds the glass in its proper place just fine.

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