Bigly acquisition coming soon UPDATED with correct answer

I never dreamed that I could actually top the amazing deal I got on the RallyMetro from XJDano, but somehow I have. This week, possibly as soon as tomorrow, I will be trading an approximately 4' long piece of I-beam that has been sitting in my garage for years, for a running driving vehicle with a clean title. It is a vehicle that some of you know I am not particularly fond of. Here’s a hint:

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The only catch was that it is under no uncertain terms, not allowed to live at my house. Frankly, I cannot blame my wife there. As it would really be in the way. Fortunately both of my main partners in crime gave me an instant yes, when I inquired about storing another vehicle for us to send to Valhalla on their property.

UPDATE: Rusty Vandura got it. It’s a ‘99 F-150 extended cab, 8' bed, with the 5.4L V8, 196k miles, and leaky power steering.

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