Bike fixed (for now)

Engine in, then out, then in again. Got it together and for some reason it wouldn’t shift out of fifth gear.


From this

To this took 20 minutes. Then the cover came off again, nothing seemed to be amiss but then we put the cover back on and it shifted fine. No clue. Got it back together and fired it up after a little bit of drama because I forgot to bolt the carbs back to the heads

Loud bike is loud. It also makes a whole bunch of nice crackle pop noises on decel, which is awesome. Engine itself is dead silent now, which is awesome. The carb will randomly leak gas so I think I need to order a couple rebuild kits and make sure they’re all sealed up nice. Other than that it seems good to go. I am considering painting the tank and side covers a metallic orange. Orange looks excellent on old bikes and my tank got a chip taken out of the paint today and my left cover needs replaced anyways.

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