Banana seat, “sissy bar” oversized fenders, a set of ridiculous handlebars and this new old stock Shimano Click-shift 3. It’s compatible with my modern Shimano Nexus 3 speed planetary hub, but will require some bracket fabbing as it’s from the 70's and meant to attach to a skinny tube frame bike of the era. In the bottom left of the photo is a little short hurst shifter handle. I was in the process of engineering that. My oldest bud works at a bike shop that’s been in business since 1897. Shout out to Dutch Cycle for having the parts!

Also, in addition to someone snooping in the garage about a week ago, My wife’s nice bike went missing when we forgot to lock the shed. Shout out to Silent Bob who donated this groovy purple cruiser to the cause. (it’s a Norco Santiago), my ‘chopper’ used to be an Elektra Townie, which I have probably ‘ruined’ by doing this to it. but it looks cool and everything is light custom if I own it long enough.