I have gained several (i.e. many) pounds in the last few months. Looks like my fast metabolism has finally started to slow down. I’ve always been 120-125lbs growing up (even until earlier this year)....I’m 154 now. Oops...

So, I pulled my ancient CCM Riptide 21-speed mountain bike out of the back of the shed a few days ago and took it apart to re-adjust the gears and put new tubes/tires on it...

Illustration for article titled Bike Oppo! Also, HOLY CRAP I AM OUT OF SHAPE.

It rides never had suspension, so bumps are a bit painful, but I’m OK with that. I have the rear gears adjusted MOSTLY OK...they all work fine, but 1st gear is BEFORE 1 on the shifter, has Gripshift and I have to twist the indicator to show BEFORE the 1 on the shifter to put it in first. The pedal gears are still a bit off too...1st and 2nd shift fine, but if I go into 3rd, it won’t shift back down into first or second until I shift the rear gears, as weird as that sounds....oh well, at least I can ride it, haha!

Now, I know I am out of shape. But the last 4 days I’ve tried to go for a 10 minute ride (I know, 10 minutes is nothing...) to work myself slowly back up into longer rides...

.....MAN I am out of shape, LOL. I’m pretty exhausted by the time I get back, but it’s already working. I went for a 20 minute ride today up a few tough hills and I was super exhausted when I got back, but I made it! I did stop for a few-minute break in the middle, but otherwise I wanted to give myself a workout.


Definitely hard getting back into shape when you’re out of it, but hopefully I can get some of these pounds back off and feel better in the end!

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