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Bike parts evolution..

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I got this in a craigslist deal for my basement spin trainer. I had spare wheels/tires and cassette so I was golden and had another bike for not much more. It included the post/seat/cockpit/derailleurs. It was a steal honestly. Over some time, I’ve landed on the current configuration of spare parts.


The crank came with it. and it is a big 53/39. Having hills, and no gas tank to speak of, I put in a spare 11-34 it can climb some. It’s not my main ride, which can climb better, but this is for when I feel faster. It has more top end than anyone can successfully spin without the wind at their backs. It was cheaper to get a rear cassette and 105/5700 rear derailleur than buy a whole new crank. for ten speeds, it has large jumps between speeds...something like a 12-13 rpm drop. But a downhill sprint is fun let me tell you.

It will either wind up staying as the ZWIFT trainer bike in the basement, or I may clip-on aero bars and try my hand at a TT, or I may part it all out. I have no idea yet, but overall it’s the middle manager that I don’t know how to utilize fully.


That BBQ stealth looks good though.

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