If I sell or am able to trade my 928 for decent bike, I plan on using that money to get a motorcycle to save fuel and have fun. I have had several bikes in the past my first being a 1970 Honda XL500S and then a 1994 Suzuki Bandit 400. Anyway a dream bike of my is a ‘05 and up Triumph Speed Triple 1050 (I know ‘08 and up got a brake upgrade). The problem with those it they are slightly out of my price range right off the bat of selling my car. Though the early 955i models are fairly cheap now and still not a bad bike. I don’t particularly care for them as much aesthetically, but mechanically I am not sure whether it is worth really holding out for the later 1050 model. What are you thoughts?

2001 Triumph Speed Triple 955i
2006 Triumph Speed Triple 1050

These are basically the two bike I am looking at and yes black is a requirement.