Did more bike stuff. I’m getting close to having this stupid thing working methinks.

Slapped the carb back together and stuffed it in the bike. It exhibited some super weird behavior like immediately revving to redline on start, inconsistent idle, and requiring choke.

The pilot screw cap has stuck on so I don’t have the ability to properly set the pilot screw while the bike is running, which is super fun.


Perfect. Squeezing the carb inbetween the airbox (which doesn’t come out) and the engine (which also doesn’t come out) is some frustrating shit lemme tell ya. At least Michaela got the frame cleaned off a little. We mostly just tried to clean the stuff that won’t be reachable by a power washer with the seat and gas tank back on.

My weird running condition was the silver cap on the top of the carb is directional and I had it clocked wrong so it wasn’t sealing. Oops.


I have no idea what this does. The lower right thing is the fuel inlet. Blocking this nipple off with my thumb has no affect on how the engine runs so I don’t think it’s vacuum. Right to the left of it is the choke FWIW, which I stripped like a fucking genuis.

Fuck it, take the carb apart again and take the main jet and pilot needle out for cleaning.


I put an s curve in some wire and spun it around inside the jet while drawing it in and out to scrape gunk off the inside. Honestly it was impressively not-dirty given the fact that the fuel in the bowl was BROWN. Given that information I took the fuel petcock off the fuel tank and took it apart.


HOLY ACTUAL SHIT. That’s nasty. Blast that out with a bunch of carb cleaner and stick it back on the tank and on the bike. Checked the fuel flow and it still seemed marginal but...

The engine revved without cutting out! I had more than 10% throttle now! Maybe the bowl wasn’t filling quickly enough for the main jet or the accelerator pump to work properly? IDK.


The rear fender is off for modification so I zip tied the seat back in place to go for a ride.

I made it 100 yards and all the way through first gear at WOT before the engine cut out and wouldn’t restart. Bummer. Checked the fuel flow when I got back and it was just dribbling out of the fuel line. The tank has literal chunks of nasty rust coming off so I’m going to order a new tank, fuel petcock, and fuel line later today and hope they’re here by the weekend so I can put them on and see if that fixes things.


Also the petcock broke when I took it apart because the metal is super brittle and now it leaks. Awesome.

I really like the rear fender delete look. Ignore the chrome supports. Unf, dat exposed tire.