New fuel tank and fuel petcock check, chain adjusted, and we are ready for a road test! Looks like my problems all boiled down to fuel starvation from a shitty petcock and rusty as hell fuel tank. The new fuel tank is super shiny and awesome and also about .6 gallons larger than the old one which gives a bit of a range boost.

All back together and looking pretty good!


Neat sight in my mom’s garage. The other person in the duplex moved out so I have a few months to use the garage for things as long as it can easily be moved out of the way.

It starts! Does it ride?

It do. No gear because I legitimately didn’t expect this to work.


Pic of us on the bike. Needs an oil change, needs the brake light figured out. Switches and fuses are fine, bulb is fine, but the brake light isn’t coming on. Probably an open circuit somewhere. Oh, well.