Bike Swap!

The Goldwing was a fantastic way to start the season. However, it’s time to switch up the wheels. The return spring on the Wing’s rear brake just broke so I used it as an excuse to do a storage swap. Out comes the ugly duckling Suzuki GS850G!

This bike still amazes me. Whatever battery it has survived all winter without a tender and started the bike right up. The carbs also appear to be in tip top shape. All I had to do was air up the tyres and set off.


After putting about 1,500 miles on the Goldwing since March I’ve gotten used to that big bulky bike. When I swung a leg over the GS I freaked out because the GS seemed so low and “small”. I always thought this thing was basically just the Goldwing but with an inline four. It certainly didn’t get any smaller, so it’s definitely me! I’ve also been scraping the Goldwing’s engine cage trying to carve corners, so being able to get in a little more lean has been welcoming.

Over the winter I looked up clutch maintenance. The GS had no slack in the lever and its clutch sometimes slipped. The Goldwing has slack in the lever, but runs fine. I was curious about what is correct and maybe how to change the plates in the GS. I learned that a clutch lever is supposed to have some slack like the Goldwing does. Having it too tight can lead to clutch slipping. Adjusted the slack on the GS and surprise, no more slipping. Whew.

Since I can’t make up my mind about painting it or leaving the patina, I think I’ll do a compromise and plasti-dip it. I’m thinking white with pink accents and a tank stripe?

I also realized that the forks are weak, so that’s a thing I’ll want to get around to fixing. First thing on my list is figuring out that kickstand.


I can keep three bikes at my apartment and right now I have the GS, the CF Moto, and the Honda Elite there. I’m thinking about replacing the CF Moto with the F3 or the U7E.


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