Bike Swap? Opponions Requested

I have an offer to trade my signed Mariota Jersey for someone else’s project “cafe racer” which I’ve always interpreted as the rat rod of motorcycles. Furthering that thought, I jump to lazy builds with half assed work. Which is where I think this 1980 CB750 is at. However, I’m just trying to trade up for things and I believe this is worth more than the ~$250 that jersey’s market value. Though not worth the $500 he is asking for it.

The punctured, repaired and left dented tank seems concerning. Extra judgement, the guy’s facebook profile paints him to be a douche bag.

I do not know a lot about bikes. I’ve worked on small engines and I’ve worked on cars. I’m comfortable with electrical. My logical side says, how hard can rewiring an 80s carbed bike be? It also says, look how bad this is.


Easy “value add” would be scuffing the frame and painting it.


I’m leaning towards not doing the swap, but a small part of me wants it. It feels like a step upward in value and it might be fun to tinker with while I try to continue trading. I think I have space in my garage to store it. However I do not have a way to haul it.

Is it worth the swap? Would I be better off parting it out? What say you oppo?

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