Runs like dookie. Still puzzling out why. The 90/120 jet combo that is recommended when using pod filters results in the bike results in being so rich it barely runs, won’t rev over 8k, and lots of smoke. Well okay then. 78/115 stock jets result in lean as hell and rev hanging. Well okay then. So I go intermediate and do 90/115 which is ridable but it’s not happy, so I need to order a couple ~82 or so jets.

Something else I discovered when I rebuilt the slides was that one of the needles was wiggling around in its holder and the other one was rock solid. I made the assumption they should both be rock solid and when I put the rebuild kit parts in there that was indeed the case. Well, turns out no. The needle needs to be able to wiggle so it can “float” in the emulsion tube and the fact that they’re solid means they aren’t able to control the fuel like they’re supposed to. So I’ll fix that and see if that improves the situation much. Got a new rear fender/tail light assembly on and I love the way it looks now. Fun fact: that fender is a cut-up front fender off of a Yamaha R6.