I noticed there are quite a few other bikers on here. How does everyone transport their bikes? With my Sport Trac I just tossed it in the bed, stretched a bungee cord across the back and done. It was simple quick and kept the interior clean. I traded the Sport Trac for a '14 WRX hatchback. I have a 29er Specialized. My options for transporting are:

Fold down the seats, take the front wheel off (and possibly rear) and throw it inside, probably on a sheet. Could get to be dirty. It is the lease expensive option, but also the least convenient as there are sometimes more than 2 people on the trip ans reassembling the bikes can be annoying.


Trunk/hatch mounting rack with straps and hooks - it seems to be the cheapest but I don't know if it will fit with the spoiler. It seems like it would make accessing the hatch nearly impossible with bikes on. I'm also afraid of it rubbing the paint where it attaches and the bikes swinging into the car when i start/stop and scratching the paint.

Roof Racks. This seems expensive as i would have to buy roof racks and a bike mount for each bike.


Trailer hitch & hitch rack - I like that it keeps the bikes fairly far away from the car but it also may make opening the hatch not possible. I'm also concerned that it could bottom out on driveways or stuff like that. I may be able to pick up a free hitch rack so all i would need is the hitch and I can throw that on myself.

I'm open to other ideas I may have missed. I'd love to see pictures of your cars all loaded up with bikes.

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