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Work on the Vulcan 500 continues. New petcock, rebuilt both carbs with bowl gaskets, adjusted the float level, new idle screws, totally cleaned out everything and checked the slide diaphragms. Everything checked out. Smash dat like and smash the carb assembly back in the bike aaandd the stupid rubber boots are rock hard and I can’t get the airbox boots to slide back onto the carbs. Sigh. Even better: the air filter is MIA so the vacuum isn’t right and the bike won’t idle at all. On the plus side it will start (eventually) and run on the main circuit but won’t idle at all. New $30 damn air filter ordered. Sigh. Going to use a heat gun to try to make the rubber pliable enough again to stretch it back around the carbs.


Minor annoyance: whatever these aftermarket mufflers are are awful. Stupid bike could raise the dead.

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