Was over at his place for 4th of July celebrations, and he showed me the guns he inherited from his grandfather, with additional guns on the way. Unfortunately I didn’t get photos of his guns, but I’ll post some generic pics below:

Berdan II rifle; fires a big-ass 10.75x58r (.42 Berdan). His was missing the ram rod and bayonet, and the bolt was a little sticky but it was very neat. Ammunition is apparently very hard to find, being over 100 years old.

Stevens .22 Visible Load rifle in wall-hanger condition.



Burnside Carbine, which fired one of the oddest rounds I’ve ever seen, in .54 cal. It looked like it had a nickel finish, and was in very good condition. Ammunition for this is even scarcer than the Berdan, considering this was a Civil War weapon.

Looks more like a cigar than a cartridge


1873 Springfield Trapdoor Carbine; 45-70 Government. Also in good condition.

My favorite from his collection, a 1917 Artillery Luger in 9mm. It had a long almost 8" barrel, and was in very good condition as well.


I’m hoping we can get him to take the trapdoor and luger to the range soon, after he has them cleaned and inspected. A very neat treat to look at all these.