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Bimmer Update (also, WTF laws)

Ever since the misfire has been fixed, car has been running well (Obvs), which lead to me and KanataSZ actually driving it. I got what I feel is an unfair ticket today.

High mileage, ho!

Car got pulled over and ticketed for a loud exhaust.

Car has temp tags, which means the car can be driven to and from shops to get repairs done until it gets inspected for a full tag, since I’m doing repairs myself, im not going to said shops to fix trivial issues, like spark plug wires and valve cover gaskets (all which were done at home). I find this ticket unfair since the car has the tag, and the muffler is something I intend to replacing anyway in the near future (previous owner straight piped it). I assume court is the only place I can solve this, other than suckering up the cash for the fine, which could really be used towards actually fixing the problem.

Despite the high mileage, (roughly 240K miles after conversion from the oh-so-noble metric system) The M44 under the hood is still running like a top. Sure some mounts are on the way out, but its still pretty damn solid.

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