Bimmerfest is kind of a big deal. We kicked off the carpool to Aberdeen, MD with some locals at our shop and offices in Amesbury, MA, and headed down to our first stop at BMWNA in Woodcliffe Lake, New Jersey.

That's BMW's corporate HQ. They were nice enough to host our bunch for an hour and give away lots of cool swag. That's what these events are all about, right??

We pulled out all the stops and brought the full race rig down to Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, MD, and the #93 GT car.


So many M3s.

So many.


Gorgerous E46 Touring.

At the end of the day, it's definitely about more than free stuff.


The ride was long, the weather was hot, but any day you get to drive a great car and hang out with even better people is worth remembering.