So I know you have all been riveted waiting for my rusted junk. I’m bored, my allergies are acting up, SO HERE IT IS

took the wheel well out to access the climate control blower motor. Would have been an easy job, but it uses these clips that break, leaving me unable to remove the nuts:

So broke out a harbor freight grinder. Woo. Very much sparks. The motor itself came out super easy, as well as the wheel well itself.


and luckily it is a common GM part, so replacement was 18$. The old one worked once lubricated, but it is kinda noisy. With how cheap the replacement is, new one goes in. I am having an issue where the motor doesnt work on the highest setting, but at least that is one less issue for inspection.


bad news: the wiper motor, once lubricated, operates at 62 cycles per minute, well in excess of the 45 required by PA. Once hooked up to the mechanism, it is still incredibly slow. Double damn, gotta try some new stuff.


Exhaust manifolds still havent come off. Kroil came in the mail, but I haven’t had time to screw with it since vacation.

still to do:

fiberglass floors

wire electric choke

fix wiper motor

hook up parking brake (easy peasy)

exhaust manifold replacement with headers, paint headers

bolt up new pipes exhaust (kinda easy)

tires (very easy)

bolt in new heater motor and put back wheel well (also easy)

Pittsburgh vintage grand prix is like a month away. Hopefully I can get it all done in time.