Birds of Prey mini review

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I don’t understand why this has underperformed, especially in the States. It has nothing to do with the studio butchered bastard that was Suicide Squad (at least the soft reboot will be R-rated and directed by James Gunn).


It’s hilarious. It’s batshit crazy. It hasn’t been neutered. The energy of the film is highly kinetic with few slow, but necessary, moments. There are plenty of subtle sight gags, so much so that I had a hard time keeping up. Plus IMO, none of the characters on screen felt disposable.

And the carspotting in the movie was a pleasant surprise: Black Mask is chauffeured around in an old school Rolls, Black Canary, rocks a Jaguar XJS convertible, and Huntress rocks a Triumph Street Triple RS!


If you’ve been on the fence about seeing it, please try to see it on the big screen while you still can. Go for a matinee, or even a Tuesday discount day, but especially if you have an AMC or Regal subscription (since MoviePass murdered themselves to death). If not, then at least do a digital rental.

It truly deserves a sequel!

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