About the purchase price of an R32 GT-R, probably the most researched JDM car right now. Checking in at Buy-R.com, they've got a few examples listed for sale and import later this year, all of them around the $20,000 mark. I'm not sure if this is just a placeholder-type price because the cars aren't available for actual sale, or if literally every example regardless of options or mileage or condition is going to be sold for a minimum of $20,000. Over at Osaka JDM Motors, we have a few GT-Rs listed for about half of what Buy-R is charging, but these are being sold in Canada and I'm not sure what hoops you would need to jump through to import a 25y.o. JDM car from Canada to the US.

So, what should the going rate for a legal 25 year old GT-R be in the US? As much as a near-perfect E39 M5 or E46 M3?