Woe is me.

For the first time in a long time, work actually got in the way of my ability to go to Cars and Coffee. While I didn’t have to stand out in the hot sun for once, which is a plus, I did miss out on what potentially could have been some nice cars. I know I saw an R32 up there as I drove by this morning...


Anyway, to make up for my lack of coffee and octane, I went on some reconnaissance to local dealerships and such to see what was new on the lots, and some of it was glorious.

I got my first close look at the new S90 today.
And it is everything I’ve ever imagined, from the gracious lines to the fine interior. This thing is gorgeous.
A new generation of Swedebrick.
I saw a contradiction.
I am most definitely in love.
And again, I am in love. In fact, I need some time alone with these beauties.
I’m starting to wonder just how many stock G37s are left in Alabama. The exhaust was nice, however.
Everybody likes a nice wet pussy.
Here’s another pussy in the same parking lot. This one, however, is from a different part of town...i.e. Hell. Also, this is the first Charger Hellcat I’ve seen in the wild.

I’d say it was worth it. Especially for the S90 and those CT6s. God bless big luxury cars.

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