UPDATE: Soooo, I pulled over to let a faster truck get by (there are no faster vehicles on a mountain road than a beat up pickup) into deeper than expected half-frozen snow and got stuck. Yes, I’m stupid. The incredible thing is that the 2nd car to drive by stopped and asked if I needed anything. He gave me a push for a little traction and onto solid ground and I was off. I thanked him and asked if he would accept anything and he said no and to have a nice day. You are awesome, sir. You didn’t have to stop in the 30mph wind and cold but you did and thank you.

If you’ll excuse me I have to go deplete the local self-service car wash of their Mag-Away.

It’s going to be the first real drive with both the hotter cams and larger carb together. Not sure it it’s got the right jets and everything but only one to find out. I also get to try out some new Persol sunglasses that I got as a gift. Easily the most expensive pair of sunglasses I’ve owned, but I’m an Italophile nerd so it works and is appreciated.