I bought this Passat TDI with a 3/4 tank. I then drove it 170 miles home and have driven it about 130-ish miles around town. That’s 300-ish miles on a half tank of diesel. That’s basically 600 miles on a 16 gallon tank and the engine isn’t even at 100% right now.


Granted, that only comes out to about 37 mpg, but that’s 37 mpg out of a vehicle from 2005 that’s less than two feet shorter than a Chevy Tahoe. And at the current cost of diesel at the nearest station, that’s a $44 fill up.

I can see why TDIs were and are still adored by many.

Meanwhile, today’s my 27th birthday! I’m considering the Passat as a present to myself. No idea what today has in store. I’m being taken out and have been told to dress fancy. Yassss.


ETA: Just learned that Crown Vics are 212" long. My world has been turned upside down.

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