Birthday Post Part 1

I’m going to take a minute here to be reflective, not on my life, but on the world around me.

There has been so much tragedy in recent years. So much of it could be avoided.

Cops shooting innocent people of color. Innocent cops getting shot. Terrorism. Imperialism. Racism, Classism and a general lack of COMMON SENSE.


In recent years, we have seen sub-cultures like our car culture grow and spawn its own sub-cultures. We are no longer just Car Guys. We are retro guys, rat rod guys, stance guys, vip guys, classic guys, muscle guys, euro guys, etc etc...

We as car guys are more a micro sample of the greater society, but also a little bit of an influential factor. How we act, is reflective, and indicative of how society behaves.


And it’s not just our sub-culture. It’s every sub-sub culture...

In our struggle to be unique, to stand out from the crowd, we have alienated ourselves from others, and others from us.


We strive so hard to be different, because different is “cool” that often times, we see this different or cool way, in more simple terms of “right” & “wrong”.

There is more than one way to build a car.

There are ways dangerous to others, there are ways safe to others, there are ways that take a long time to get to the finished project, and there are ways to a bought finished project right out of the box.


Whether you are from the cult of drift, the philosophy of grip or the church of the off-road, we all have our own driving styles, and as long as you aren’t a danger to others you should be free to enjoy whatever is your style.

We must remember however, that these styles can be perverted to the point that they become dangerous to others.


It is in these instances that, we must responsibly analyze the situation and must remember that the style isn’t what’s wrong, but those that have perverted it of their own accord.

Same goes for life.

Whether you are muslim, christian, buddhist, atheist, agnostic, etc... there is no right or wrong religion.


There is more than one way to live life.

And as long as the way you live doesn’t endanger others, don’t let anyone tell you you are wrong. Just make sure you use some common sense.


“Common sense is so rare, that it should be called a super hero special power”

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