What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

My new 17 Camaro RS V6 manual is breaking in nicely. I’ve installed the GM performance intake and ordered the Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust.

It’s so hard to judge sound from video clips, but I like what I hear here. My car was purchased off the lot and does not have the factory dual-mode exhaust option, so aftermarket exhaust should open it up a bit. Actually, the factory base exhaust has a really good tone, it’s just very quiet. I don’t know what GM did to make this V6 sounds so good, but it really does.


So far, the most impressive thing about the car is the V6 (and the chassis). It loves to rev, sounds good, is blippy, gets good MPG, and makes really strong power up top. Factory rated at 335HP and the performance intake might have added 5 or 10HP. If I can get 5HP from the exhaust it will be close 350HP. It feels really responsive and has a good, useful amount of power. It isn’t enough power to shred the tires or win any races, but it is enough to have fun on the street and really make the car move. I can wind it out to 7000rpm and have fun without launching into hyperspace mode. The car weighs around 3300 pounds. The cool air we’ve had lately is very noticeable too - as a NA motor it really likes the cold air.

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