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Bittersweet news today about my old car...

Found out some bittersweet news today about my old car. I had an '89 Town Car as a daily driver for about 8 years. For a long time I had dreams of restoring it, preserving it, etc. I have a soft spot for those cars, and this one was loaded and in generally terrific shape. Finally last year I made the tough decision to sell it, since it was at that point where it would either cost me a ton of money, or start to rapidly deteriorate in front of my eyes. I sold it to a kid a few towns over, and occasionally I'd see it drive by.

Today I found out that it has gone away, condemned by a local repair shop for excessive frame rot. Part of me is sad, because there was so much about that car that was still very right. But part of me (my wallet, etc.) is jumping for joy because, for once, I made a decision that saved me a ton of money and heartache. I knew deep down that selling it was the right decision, as hard as it was, and this just confirms that. Another Panther chassis rolls into the automotive graveyard with over 200k on the clock...

Come to think of it, maybe I should find out where it is... a few parts off of it would make excellent decorations for my future living room/garage/lounge... I've wanted a glass-top engine block coffee table ever since I first saw one - I could have one with a story and personal connection behind it!


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