We left day 3 in a rather sorry state. Fiat put through a hedge and significantly dinged up. Suspension bent. Tyres scrubbed from dragging them along for 50 miles. Still, the Citroen was fixed, and yet again we had a plan ;)

Up bright and early for when the parts arrived (thanks again to Eurosport!). Sadly, I didn’t make many friends with this given that apparently I’m a heavy sleeper with a loud alarm (sorry guys!).

New tie rod next to the old and busted one.

While we were mucking about with that, Schaefft decided to give us a perfect example of stereotypical BMW parking ;)


Took us a little while to get the tie rod on, but luckily there was a little local garage just outside where we were staying (whoever chose the locations for our accommodation, stellar job!).

Out but with a W’s MR2, Schaefft’s E39, and Klaus Schmoll’s E60

We hung back for a little while to have the Fiat tracked, the battery charged (a terminal on the alternator had worked itself loose so it wasn’t charging properly on the way back, easy fix), and inspect the diff seals on my sister’s 5 which were leaking (not enough to impede progress).


The rest of the gang set off earlier for the route while we went straight to the karting which we’d booked for 2pm (as Duurtlang said, many great roads weren’t driven by our group).

Still, we can hardly call the direct route uninteresting...


Looks like we weren’t the only ones to think so ;)

505's awesome Pajero, 4muddyfeet’s lovely little B, Schaefft’s ring-veteran E39, and the tail end of Twingotamer’s Twingo


All managed to meet up at karting fine :) pretty short track, but still buckets of fun. I always thought I was a bit of a hot-shoe at karting, but to save my ego I’m going to say that we have some very quick members of our group ;)

4muddyfeet almost didn’t make it to karting. In a refreshing change, it wasn’t actually one of our cars that managed to wound itself! In the next picture you can kind of see the issue the MGB faces with Welsh roads...


That’s...not a lot of ground clearance...

Some finest bodgery to get it going again (it was deafeningly loud with a hole in the exhaust), and he just managed to scrape through ;)


Don’t let the exhaust fool you, everything else on this car was absolutely mint...

After a very pleasant meandering drive back (where nothing bad happened!), we arrived back at our cottage for a well deserved rest (and some well deserved beers). Honestly, it felt a little odd not to be fixing something, but definitely welcome!

4muddyfeet’s MGB, the X1/9, Twingotamer’s Twingo, my sister’s purple 5, my mate’s turbo 5, Out with a W’s MR2, my MGB driven by my other mate, and Klaus Schmoll’s E60 :) many missing from the pic, but it was difficult to get everyone in!


Next up, day 5. Will we get through a day without breaking anything? Who knows?!