If you have no idea who BJ Baldwin is, imagine Ken Block in a Baja race truck. I can’t wait to see this, hopefully they work in some shots of the Lemay museum, it is right by the art museum so they probably did.

Stunt driving, filming takes over downtown Tacoma

A large truck went flying over the steps of Tollefson Plaza downtown Sunday, spinning to a stop outside the Tacoma Art Museum.

The crowd was impressed.

“The truck looked effortless when it jumped,” said Kim Kenyon, one of the onlookers.

That’s probably because the guy behind the wheel was a professional.

A film crew closed streets downtown, and will do so again Monday (Sept. 28), as crew members shoot a sort of secret, viral video commercial.

They’re not saying exactly what the project is until it’s released. But they were willing to hint at it.

“If you look into BJ Baldwin, you can probably speculate what this is,” said Brian Scotto, who identified himself as one of the directors.

Baldwin is the driver, Scotto said, who has won the Baja 1000, an off-road endurance race in Mexico.

A city notice that went out to residents affected by the road closures said the filming was for something called “Recoil 3.”

YouTube videos for “Recoil” and “Recoil 2” show Baldwin doing stunts in what appears to be the same truck, which is black with a green Monster Energy logo.

Scotto said it’s a custom-built race truck similar to a Chevrolet Silverado, but with bigger wheels — and something like a $1 million price tag.

In addition to jumping the plaza steps Sunday, the vehicle got air while zooming down South 21st Street, onlookers said.

On Monday it’s Wiley Avenue that will be closed near the Tacoma Dome from 1-5 p.m., between East D and East L streets.

A few dozen people gathered to watch the stunts Sunday. Some, like Kenyon, had heard what was happening and came to see it.

Others stumbled upon the commotion.

“We were driving by and we saw the monster do a brodie (doughnut) and turn around,” said Bradley Luvaas, who stopped to watch with girlfriend Cierra Reynolds.

“I did not expect this at all, and it’s in the most beautiful part of Tacoma,” he said.

They’re both truck people, and hope to get Toyota Tacomas soon. But not ones as expensive as Baldwin’s ride.

“Maybe not tricked out like this one,” Reynolds said.

Here are the first two Recoil video if anyone hasn’t seen them.