Possibly because of unseen contact damage and/or confusion over yellow flags, a great battle for 3rd overall between this AMG SLS GT3 and a BMW Z4 GT3 was brought to an end in the Nürburgring 24 Hours when the left rear wheel fell off. Did the driver give up? NO! Does this look like Formula 1?

Well, he didn’t give up straight away, at least...

“Oh wait, there’s a toolkit in the passenger side!

“OK, which spanner will I need? Fred, Steven, James... no...... Aha! There’s the one! Handy old Hans.”


[Recovery guys arrive in a Jeep Cherokee (XJ), of all things]
“Guys, help me get the wheel under here!”
[ ...... ]
“Shit. Well, er, thanks for trying...”


“Hi guys, the wheel won’t go on. What should I do? Wait why are you laughing?”

“[sigh] Oh well...”


“There’s always next year...”


UPDATE: It’s not the end! It’s been worked on even more, and is FINALLY running again! Because dammit, if there’s one thing that mustn’t beat you, it’s the circuit.