Starus update: washed the car. I suspect the PO never handwashed it, the paint is coated in swirls and water spots. Felt pretty rough with contaminants. After the wash I claybarred the whole car which helped a lot, and that’s when this picture was taken.

Dug out my DA to try to polish it up a bit before sealant and wax. I’m not the most experienced detailer when it comes to paint correction, I’m more of a ‘wash, clay, wax, interior’ guy, so using what I have on hand (meg’s ultimate compound and an orange pad) I’ve made passes on the hood, fenders, and front bumper. It’s far from perfect but a slight improvement is better than nothing and it’s leaving me with a very smooth surface.

It got too dark to do the rest of the car (my garage is not well lit), so I will finish polishing in the morning and then move on to sealant (Collinite 845) and top it off with Chemical Guys Butter Wet wax (new to me, curious to see how it looks)

At some point it’ll go to a professional detailer for a real paint correction and a ceramic coating for longevity.


Oh, besides detailing I put it on my summer wheels from the Ecoboost:


Personally I think black on silver looks far better than black on black. I’m going to order silver versions of the GTPP wheels, then things are going to get confusing: I intend to have the summer tires mounted on the new wheels and then have some all seasons mounted on these wheels. So the wheels pictured here will be my ‘dailies’ soon enough. Don’t worry, there will be more sidewall and it’ll fill the wheel well much better.

TL;DR did I tell you I bought a 5.0?!