Black or Silver GT7's and Bad/Awesome Xmas Gifts

I think I decided on Enkei GT7's in 15" for my Civic to replace the ugly rims:

I just can’t decide if they should be black or silver. The real only reason I am considering black is the steelie i’m running to replace the bent rim in the meantime is black. I kind of like it on the car. I have also found the black rims $12 cheaper per rim.


I told my friends and family to get cheap ebay accessories for my Civic. I received two different short shifters.



Which one should I try first. I will probably end up putting the stock one with new bushings back into eventually. I wanted to see how bad/good some of the ebay parts were and didn’t want to spend my money on it. I got more parts like a hot pink silcone hose kit and a universal led dash kit.

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