I recently came to the startling realization that there wasn’t enough FREEEEEDOM in my morning coffee. So, to remedy that, I ordered a bag of coffee from a new brand that I saw in a meme on Twitter, because that’s how things work these days.

Apparently, BRCC is a veteran-owned business that has been making coffee for a few years now, but has only been featured in a viral Twitter meme in the last week or so. As a result, demand has increased exponentially to the point that they are unable to meet it with their usual order delivery timeline.


When I tried to order, most everything was sold out, so I was unable to get any of the more well reviewed options, such as “Caffeinated As Fuck”, “Caffeine and Hate”, or “AK-47 Espresso Blend.” However, their “Heavy Days” blend was listed as in stock, so I ordered that.

Fortunately this shipped out quickly, and it showed up in 3 days. Total cost was $12.99 for the coffee plus $8 in shipping.

The description states:

Those days will come. When nothing goes your way and the odds are stacked against you. Time to pick up your kit and push through to the other side. Everyone gets knocked down. Champions get back up. Heavy Days coffee is here to get you on your feet and back in the fight.


The artwork for this particular blend can be best described as quite brutal:


It’s a flat black package with an image of what one would assume is a soldier, sitting with cigarette, some booze, an assault rifle, and an angel overhead. Not sure if this is implying that the soldier recently offed himself, or is just considering it and the angel (and coffee) is stopping him from doing so, but fuck. It definitely strikes a nerve that is traditionally unstruck in the home coffee making experience.

Everything shipped by USPS, and it was basically a bag of coffee in a box. Nothing earth shattering.


The coffee itself was quite delicious. I ground it up course and made it in a press. Not a coffee snob at all, but this is wayyyyyyyyy better than anything you can buy at a supermarket. Very smooth, not bitter, and enjoyable to drink. It also packs a caffeine punch that is quite uplifting. It’s advertised as being made to order and roasted the day after it is ordered, then bagged and shipped within 72 hrs.

Overall, would definitely order again. Both the buying process and product are top notch, and proceeds go to supporting a good cause.  

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