Blackberry KEYone

Got to say I’m actually loving my new Blackberry.

At first I didn’t find it all that intuitive and held off using it while I got used to the feel. Thankfully I had my Blackberry Classic to keep me going.


I asked a few questions on here and forums and YouTube videos.

Finally got a phone I felt happy to use.

Okay so I don’t have a lot of stuff you’d all use.

The phone was fully charged at 8:30pm last night, the store radio went down the other day so thought I’d listen to the music on my phone, not much on it so put on Amazon Music on a Bluetooth to my headphones for four-five hours, used the phone to check OPPO at breaktimes (okay and randomly through the night when I should of been working on the shop floor (but it was briefly, a few seconds here and there).


At 5:29pm today I still had 47% battery on my phone.

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