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Blah Weather Tinkerings

Right, then...

Spent a little time in the garage today...

What I really want to do is refresh the brakes (pads, rotors, overhaul the calipers and new hoses)....but that requires some decent weather as I’ll have to work outside of the garage (mainly, put the ass end outside, replace parts, bleed system and then swap ends so I can do the fronts - no room in the garage, and doing the whole thing in our parking spot would be considered déclassé by the HOA). Not being one to tear into a project under the threat of pending weather, that’s been postponed at least until next weekend.*


With that limitation, I did some glueing. The passenger side window switch needed to be re-glued (the driver side needed it as well, but I tried different methods to fix them; the drivers side held and the passenger side pushed through). That done, I was finally able to reseat the shifter boot.

On the driver side rear, one of the corner reflectors was starting to come off, so a little dab’ll do ya. Fortunately, one of my wood clamps and some blue tape is able to hold it in place while it dries.


Tried to fix the windshield washer motor, but that’s going to take some digging. Looks like it’s only getting 1.2VDC to the plug, so not sure if a wire got pinched along the way.

There is the ongoing issue of the airbag light. This requires removing the seat - another fair weather project.


One issue I’ve been trying to chase down is there’s a sort of hot/burning smell after I drive that I can’t locate. No smoke. First thought I was dragging a brake pad, but wheels aren’t getting hot and I can’t trace the smell to any corner. Seem to be under the hood, but nothing is melting, and nothing is rubbing on anything that’s spinning. In fact, everything looks to be in good shape. I noticed this after I refreshed the cooling system, so wondering if it’s just off gassing from new plastic and rubber parts...

*Like always, it’s a bitch that there’s great weather during the week when I have to work, but shitty weather shows up on the weekend when I want to work on other stuff.

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